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In 1991 the first publication of the Shannon Star Trek Society was Trekkie News - for Shannon and Limerick Members, with Captains Log being set up for other club areas; later editions around the country were called Trekkie News Ireland and National NewSheet - these ran until IRECON 2.

From September 1992, a competition was held what to call the newsletter for the National Irish Star Trek Society - after a competition and many suggestons it was agreed to call it the “StarFleet Journal”. As we were the Federation of Star Trek Clubs in Ireland the pre-title Federation’s was inserted over the banner laster.

Other Publications included Federation Europe News and Election Guide, Membership handbook and Con Guides. As most of the design work wass done in Microsoft Publisher, and image manipulation in Microsoft PhotoDRAW and MGI Photosuite, little of actual original titles remain as were printed for distribution and little spare copies ever remained.

In the Early 1990’s we also distributed for StarBase Ireland the Federation Times to new recruits, and fan publications such as Legacy and The Big Five publications, and naturally distributed Synthesis for the Federation Star Trek Fan Association from 1993. We also encouraged members to join international zines and newsletters like IDIC.

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