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Can you tell the difference between Slavic languages and Klingon; when somebody is suffering from a blocked nose and a headcold, or is speaking Afrikaans, or insulting the honour of you father (and vicariously also you) in Klinzhai?

This page is a wiki to the Legacy of Star Trek Fandom in the 90's from the introduction of Star Trek: The Next Generation before TV showed it; to the competitions with a trip to Hollywood and showing of pre-video (numbered copies) releases of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Star Trek Voyager but not Star Trek: Enterprise ... this is Ireland's 1990's fandom of all things Trekkie and Trekker from Ireland's official number 1 fan!


Here find blow the original logos used: SSTS in 1991-2, STC&M(I) LTD 1992-3, and original draft NISTS and final one for Sector 001 from 1993-4; ISTF, Federation a Star Trek Fan Association and Federation Europe Society Ltd. Fonts used are all Star Trek Fonts.


Irish Logos


Irish and European Star Trek Logos gallery of the 90's