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Children of Chernobyl is Adi Roche's vivid and shocking account of the 1986 disaster and its aftermath.
ARTISTS: Tony Cooke, Pat Simmons, Kath Cross, Chrissie Gladwin, Andy Hornby, John Anders, Pete Ball, Jude Driver, Richard Curran, The Gladly Solemn Sound Choir, Led by Paul Guppy.
Cover Illustration By Raymond Briggs.
Message By Adi Roche.

US $5
Will provide enough vitamins to boost a child's immune system for 6 months.
Food grown in radioactive soil has very little nutritional value.
It is essential that the children receive vitamin supplements.

US $10
Will give a child like Igor Satsura 3 years of life-saving medicine.
Igor has cancer of the thyroid gland. Children like Igor need the drug L-Thyroxin
every day just to stay alive.

US $50
For a painless last few months.

In the final stages of cancer painkillers are the only comfort these children can appreciate. $50.00 will provide enough painkillers for a child to die with dignity.

US $200
Will prolong a child's life by two years.

Its a lot of money but it will pay the air fare for one child to travel to Ireland. A month in our uncontaminated environment will prolong a child's life by 2 years.

The Chernobyl Children's Project Limited is a Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee.
Registered in Dublin, Ireland. No. 211588 Registered Charity No. CHY 11477
Directors: Adi Roche, Simon Walsh, Eoin Dinan, Mary Ahern, Helen Barrett, and Helen Faughnan.

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