Park Ridge's (Il, USA) Candy Girl

An introduction to the painting of autistic painting artiste Candy Waters

See here a selection of autism art awards and listings about Candy Waters

You will see there are many, many pages dedicated to Candy waters and her awards from her paintings ... that Candy has earned in her 6 year painting career. She and her works have travelled around the world making people smile. I have added a few pictures of her since she has been in the public eye since age 8 when her paintings won awards.

Happy Dreams Sing SOS CD Cover Art of Autism Autism Today KindTree Autism Rocks
Happy Dreams Mr Sun small art of autism

UC Irving Magazine

Candy Waters Ball

KindTree Autism Rocks

Happy Dreams uses colour to give starts in a colouful twirl, looking like a Galaxy! This picture does not show up in style with others, list is listed on her KindTree page, where she is listed as Candace Waters TAP - the autism Perspective is on Facebook.

This design was featured on the CD Covert Art for Sing SOS CD (Songs of the Spectrum), a 14 track CD available from CD baby for $9.99 download of $12.99 for CD (plus postage costs). The style and format of the Sunshine range of pictures, which are highly sought after.


Candy has featured with several of her paintings on the Age of Autism web pages from time to time The above image has featured there. Her own page list her as a child warrior.


University of California, Irvine Art of Autism featured Candy's Mr. Sun ... mentioned here on a Facebook post and The Bugle Newspaper. The picture style is consistent with other Mr. Sun range.




KindTree Autism Rocks has featured Candy Waters on their web pages and facebook pages several times with her artwork being current on sale there. The work on a lot of autism art, and she has won awards and recognition there. The page features this adorable picture of her on a swing :- Her parents can be contacted on their Candy Store Radio Show on Autism One

Candy on a swing

Age of Autism web pages from time to time