Park Ridge's (Il, USA) Candy Girl

This is about Candy Waters page

Candy Waters is a lively 13 years old young lady, whose ability to see the complex and diverse mix of colours in the world inspires many into art as for expression to opens hearts.


What can we say about Candy Waters?

It is not remarkable that an autistic is discovered to have an ability, but that such an ability so catches the imagination of others that it inspires.

Her paintings play with the light, like Picasso shows the intensity of the conflict in his sunflowers, Candy uses a palette, of what ought to be conflicting and diverse colours; and the mix of which, rather then being discordant appears natural, simple and works. For all intensive purposes, the shear volume of brightness in her Mr. Sun and Sunshine range ought to oppose the senses and cause one to turn off and want to run away.

They do not - they struck an awareness of fractals - combinations of norm and exception which reveal the purity of mathematics and science in creation there is no pure colour.

I have as a result used a mix of colours from the picture above and to the left from her hair face, clothes and background, creating a natural mix of combinations to honour her work. My background in the 70's & early 80's was Photography for which I won awards.

Normally you will see carrot, cream, orange, brown, blue never together, but natural colours do. The combination of that picture and the rhythms of diversity is my sole intent.