Park Ridge's (Il, USA) Candy Girl
This page is an introduction page on Candy Waters, a remarkable 13 year old young lady, whose ability to pain inspires millions.


Candy Waters, Artiste Autistique

This website is dedicated to a 13 year old young lady from Park Ridge, Illinois, USA, called Candace "Candy" Waters - you will probably have heard the story.

She was diagnosed at 2 years old with autism and did not articulate any understandable words. When she was 6 years old a teacher asked can she draw and paint.

Her first works of art sold for US$100.

She was made a worldwide celebrity thanks to the famous range of paintings "Mr. Sun" and Sunshine. Half of the proceeds of artwork go to a charity or project encouraging Autism Art, the rest go back into costs associated with producing and promoting of her works.

Her parents run a show called The Candy Store - her artwork even featured as covert art for a charity CD ... more information - look through the pages ... you will be inspired.

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