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Damon Matthew Wise External sites referencing Damon's Star Trek, Charity, Autism and Disability non-paid work

This is page on Damon Matthew Wise's Charities and causes

This page is used to place information on the Charities and causes Damon has worked in and for, and where possible online content remains, to refer to them.

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Damon Matthew Wise- Worlfwide Who's Who VIP award 2013/4

This is the Damon Matthew Wise External References on his work

This page is used to place information on the external sites which have referenced Damon Matthew Wise voluntary and non-paid work in Star Trek and Sci-Fi Fandom, Charity, Autism and Disability areas.

An article being worked up by volunteers - most of the content for this is widely available by many volunteers working to co-ordinate article on his work to highlight autism and disability causes.

ICAAN - the Irish Council for Aspies and Autistic Networking - some 2000 aspies and auties been here - most content by others, but a few updates and blogs by Damon.

Asperger's Syndrome: A Personal Perspective on neurodiversity.com/autobiography.html‎one of many copies of his early work in the 90's still out there.

Local Election, Ireland, 2009, the Aspie perspective...

The Left and Elections in Rural Ireland 1973 to present | The Cedar .

Cross-referencing Damon Wise, Film reviewer, Screen and Empire Magazine and Aspies: ...

and a half stars and described it as a "very good film. with Damon Wise of Empire describing Changeling as "flawless". ...... Aspie rational

Damon Wise and Nick James round up "Venice gossip" for the ...... a time-traveling geek with Aspergers Syndrome, an investigation by a ...

Damon Wise ...... Hi everyone, my name is Jonathan and im new to the forums, i am a aspie that was diagnosed when i was young at age 6. i have had a rough ...

What Is Aspergers ...... 情報などを好き勝手書いちゃいます. Posted by Damon Wise at 2008年02月07日 10:31.

... the presumptions we make about other people's lives - Damon Wise, .... directed by the fabulous Paddy Considine, British, about Aspergers.


'90s references:


AutismList reference to Damon and "Aspies", 15 Sep, 1999

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