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  • With The General Election being held within the next two months, I am appealing to all nominating bodies on the Administrative Panel for Seanad, to nominate only People with Disabilities, with wide and diverse disability types to make sure that we get proper representation. Last time around I went forward, but most boards of the organisations did not have nominated candidates prepared in advance.
  • It is necessary to have people, whose abilities and interests take in many different disability types. As well as members of the types of different parents and groups without fear of favour, prejudice or the likely chance of only one grouping or disability type represented. In other words someone who is incorruptible and not capable of negative emotion. It has to be unfortunately someone who is known to different political parties and can maintain their independence. I have been to many political party conferences over the years and have put myself forward to serve on many diverse Regional and National policy and decision-making bodies. I have been to Leinster House many times, both as a guest from representatives of several parties, and in furtherance of representation of many committees, which have met there.
  • I have Asperger's Syndrome and Arthritis, this gives me multiple disability categories including several Physical, Sensory, and also Intellectual/Learning, Mental Emotional, Neurological, Immunological and Genetic. I am a parent of 3 children within the autistic spectrum, with similar diverse mix of issues for consideration; my wife, Karen Christine Wise, is also within the Spectrum and I am also an self/peer advocate for people within the spectrum AND with Intellectual Disabilities. I have been active for 15 years in the disability areas, locally and Nationally; before I have held positions appointed in several European Countries, representing Equality, Human Rights and the Environment for most of my life. I have been accepted in the High Court as an Independent Advocate is Disability Rights cases ("McKenzie’s friend").
  • We need people whose abilities and interests are diverse and span multiple disabilities. We need people inside the political system, who can bridge the gaps from personal experience, Human Rights, Social Inclusion, Service Provider and Representative bodies alike without having an agenda to restrict them. Who better then those of us with a disability and knowledge to work on our behalf.
  • To deal with the issues of Human Rights, and the UN Conventions, and European and International treaties and bi-lateral agreements, we need people who are not in it to feather their own nest or reputation but be a bridge between state and the individuals and organisations alike.
  • If I am elected I will not take more as an income then the equivalent to Social Welfare I am entitled to, and only claim legitimate expenses, based on receipts. I will promise to do my best to publish all details of incomes and show comparisons. I feel that too many career politicians have abused the system to get from it as much as they can. I will, if I cannot take less then my peers, pass any generated excess to the Charities and causes to represent and provide services for the people with Disabilities whom I represent.
  • I promise that I will try and be as fully accountable and provide as much information as possible, but also have a summary of information, in case it is not relevant or too detailed to be understood by all.
  • I promise to be accountable and work with people with Disabilities and groups, upon whose grace I would be nominated to the best of my ability, and have working groups and make representations and contacts on their behalf.
  • I promise that I will not rest until I and these people with disabilities and groups feel that everything that can reasonably be tried has been attempted, and options have been exhausted.
  • I want the UN Conventions on Rights of People with Disabilities, the Child and Human Rights to be fully ratified, and given constitutional affect as a matter of urgency. I want thus the presumption of capacity to self-determination and rights to be enshrined. We need to discuss how people should be encouraged to feel like equals, by empowering and enforcing equality of opportunity, of both the abilities and their needs as persons.
  • I want the Inspection of all residential and care centres, hostels, shelters and group homes for all people with Disabilities to be of the same standard, and not just for children, elderly and mental health, but also Physical, Sensory, Intellectual and Autistic, amongst many others.
  • As, unfortunately many conditions within the Autistic Spectrum require a diverse arrangements of supports, I feel that I must point out that many of the services designed for those within the spectrum would be appropriate for those with Intellectual, Physical or Sensory only diagnosis. The reverse is not true, i.e. that services for Mental or Learning Disabilities are not suitable for Autistic diagnoses. Conditions within the Autistic Spectrum must and should be treated as a separate, inclusive grouping, rather then a subset of issues from other groupings.
  • I want the rights to advocacy to be extended to all people with disability, and the presumption of the rights to chose who represents them, self, or another person of their choice to be enshrined. The Mental Health Act 1993 is repugnant that it suggests that no person with a disability which touches with Mental Health may, under threat of imprisonment have relationship, intimacy and get married without prior Psychiatric proof of capacity. This is an unethical and discriminatory Dickensian idea, contrary to the treaties and conventions we have signed and must be repealed.
  • Likewise all parents must be treated equal before the law; and unless determined in accordance with law on the basis of neglect or abuse, rights of parents shall be presumed to be equal.
  • I want people with disabilities to have the right to dignity, tolerance and compassion, as a matter of right, and not to be considered a charity or health case, under the Charter of Fundamental Rights (as per Lisbon II).
  • I want the rights of all citizens and the general population in the Island of Ireland to be decided by ourselves, under the Good Friday Agreement a Comprehensive Human Rights Act that recognises multiple causes of discrimination including Age, Sex, Gender, Sexual orientation, Family Status, Language, Nationality, Racial Ethnicity, Culture, Religion and last but no means least Disability.
  • Damon Matthew Wise, 26th November 2010 CCE.

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