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"I learned a long time ago that the best people to understand issues on equality and disability are those who have learned the lesson, which is why I believe Nothing about us, without us. ... "

Damon Matthew Wise was diagnosed in 1991 with Asperger's Syndrome (AS). He has been working as volunteer - Voluntary Community Worker, a Disability Advocate, Trustee, Charity Incorporation Agent ever since. He believes that all of us people with disabilities should have the right to be represented by ourselves and our peers - after all we are, when push comes to shove, the best placed experts to know ourselves and our needs. Like many people within the autistic spectrum, he has a range of  co-morbid and co-existent conditions, that give him personal experience of:

  • Fine and Gross-motor skills (Physical),

  • Auditory, speech and visual (Sensory),

  • Mild Dyslexia (Learning/Intellectual),

  • Social and Behavioural (Mental Emotional),

  • Food Intolerance, Allergies, skin problems, reactions to medicines (Immunological),

Family Life

Damon Matthew Wise is married to Dublin born Karen Christine Wise (NeĆ© McElligott) who is heavily involved and well respected in People with Disabilities Ireland in her own right. She has a diagnosis of Non-Verbal Learning Disability (NLD) which is similar to Asperger Syndrome, but with one extra trait.

They have had four children.

Their first child Gene only lived for 24 days on earth but lives on in the heart of the family. 

The next son Michael has Mild Asperger Syndrome, Mild Dyslexia, and Auditory Processing Delay. He is thoughtful and quietly spoken and enjoys computer games involving spacial ability and strategy like "Age of Empires" and basketball.

Daughter Eve has Atypical Autism (AA - also formerly known as PDD-NOS) and Auditory and Sensory Neurological Disorders. She is lively and bubbly, loves black, hates pink and is determined to be a vet when she grows up. 

Youngest son Daniel, includes Autistic Disorder (AD - formerly known as ASD), psoriasis, and Auditory Processing Delay. He is a great character, loves Santi Claws, Secret Agent Oso, his scooter and anything red. 

Being an autistic family presents a full mix of disability issues, as each person within the spectrum has a different mix of problems, solutions and interests which help us overcome the everyday obstacles the world throws at us.

The family have often appeared in the media to explain the issues and problems they have encountered.



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